2015 Summer Research Program

For ten weeks, beginning May 18th, the following students, along with their mentors begin work on a research project. At the end of the program, the students will give an […]

Alvarez, a first-year DMD student, receives three national awards

Andres Alvarez, a first-year DMD student at the University of Florida College of Dentistry, recently received three awards in recognition and support of his research activities. He received a research […]

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The UFCD-SRG is a student-run organization whose main purpose is to foster the participation and interest in dental research. UFCD-SRG is dedicated to enriching the dental school experience by encouraging dental students to engage in scientific inquiry because it is our belief that dental research is vital to the growing demands of the dental profession. It is the mission of UFCD-SRG to promote the involvement of all UFCD students in dental research, foster awareness of research opportunities, facilitate participation in UFCD research activities, and guide students involved in research presentations or publications. The SRG serves to:
  1. Provide student researchers with a national voice
  2. Provide a means for student researchers to protect their interests on a local as well as a national level
  3. Act as a support network linking all dental schools and their research programs
  4. Help students generate funds and ideas necessary to better the field of dentistry through new and inventive research
  5. Promote student participation in dental research and its related disciplines
  6. Promote the advancement of dental research and related aspects
  7. Further the aims and objectives of the AADR and IADR as they relate to student research
  8. Foster awareness of research and training opportunities in academic dentistry
A major goal of the SRG at present is to help dental students across the nation initiate changes in their respective schools, to ensure that research is seen as a vital aspect of dentistry.

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